We have trained agents to assist you one on one with getting your financial situation back on track.


Stop Forclosure

With our finances in place, we are able to produce proof of funds letters that puts us in position to be able to deal with lenders immediately and get them out of the way.

Avoid Bankruptcy

By bringing the mortgage current or making a payoff that wipes away one of the biggest financial responsibilities for homeowners.

Restructuring Payments

Once we become involved, we bring everything current including any fees that may have accrued by delinquency.

Property Buy Back

Once we have obtained the property from your lender we enter into an agreement for you to purchase your property back with lower monthly payments and interest. During this process you and your family will still be able to enjoy the comforts of staying in your home.

Credit Counseling

We have a team of credit experts who will help assess and repair your credit to help you move forward.

Hassle Free

From the first day or minute that our clients give us permission to talk to the lender your headaches will disappear. We will handle everything with the lender from that point forward. In a matter of a few days or less your life will be back on track.